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Trash Talk is at the dark bottom of the Astro Empires forums. It is famous for producing spammers that annoy other people.
It creates the balance like the light side and the dark side. Without it, the forum wouldn't exist properly. Legitimate content in TT is like dividing by 0, you just can't do it.

Why was it created?

Trash Talk was created on the 11th of November, 2006.[1] Orginally it was created as a place for people to talk trash about destroying this guild or that person in the past or to call out enemies to fights that were by themselves not politcal in nature polite flaming having little or no place in the Politics and War Section as well as to keep ReXa and other possible spammers' posts at bay. The idea came first from Xi'zor now known as Arion Entreri on the forums and in private messages with Xaman. This has over time, in a way, backfired because Trash Talk has made spammers want to stay, and annoy EVERYONE as it the way that TT creates them, encouraged people to start spamming and flaming, and trolling and generally annoying EVERYONE!, and also Trash Talk is not active, enough for a spammer to continuously post in; they have to look in other forums too.

Trash Talk… or TT as known by well everyone with half a brain, is a highly addictive war or the words :D
n00bs are tortured and many friends are made. Funnily half the TTers don't even PLAY AE anymore. but still return to TT which is there home…. and occasionally Off Game… and TEST our "lets-annoy-Ikari-by-spamming-it" place of worship :D


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