Bulbasaur is the genuine dark horse of Pokémon red and blue. Everyones like "Oooohh squirtles so cute!" or "HOLY FREAKING CRAP CHARMANDERS HOT!!!", yes tards, fire burns.

Bulbasaur easily creams the first few badges, leaving you able to build a strong reserve force for when reaching the fire dude.

The only potential drawback to bulbasaur is his fugliness. Such fugliness is only comparable with Wolfess. This is how the progression of Bulbasaurs looks leads to excessive drinking whilst dating it:


Now now, I know what your thinking. Venusaurs one of those fat-ass'd 30 years olds that like to club it up, providing brief entertainment and drumming up bar sales of man-ly drinks. And yes, you're right.

Wouldn't you rather have a Squirtle?

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