FrostyGoblin has a white picket fence, 2.5 kids, and a wife that keeps up with the latest health fads. He works in a corporate office and drives an Asian-made sedan. He enjoys Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and Duck Dynasty. He ran track in middle school and was mediocre at it. His favorite ice cream is vanilla and he prefers the taste of whole milk.

In fact, FrostyGoblin is so exceedingly average that he frequently receives trophies topped with figurines of guys making sandwiches and calling family members on their birthday.

Vig90: I heard he tried French vanilla once but had a panic attack and had to go to urgent care. His parents meet him there with his spare emergency inhaler but thankfully he had his with him.

Frosty is known to use phrases like "Stay frosty!"

FrostyGoblin was voted "Most Likely To Pay Taxes" in highschool.

FrostyGoblin studied business at a local community college and hopes to one day open a retail store that sells only left-handed items.

FrostyGoblin always uses his turn signals.

FrostyGoblin flosses his teeth twice a day and doesn't understand jazz music.

FrostyGoblin pays all of his bills 3 weeks ahead of time.

FrostyGoblin legally uses the carpool lane

FrostyGoblin throws socks away when they get holes in them.

FrostyGoblin mows his own grass manually

FrostyGoblin doesn't wear shoes in the house

FrostyGoblin makes a pretty good spaghetti sauce.

FrostyGoblin prefers whole grain noodles.

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