Because of personal issues, Ranger Smith had to temporarily step down and Cookiemonster was called out of retirement to take the reigns of the mighty steed that is Trash Talk (Off Game is like the donkey.)

Currently Cookiemonster is the Dictator of Trash Talk, using his powers to defeat anyone he doesn't like the look of.

Cookiemonster overthrew Musician as Moderator of TT and Off game, after Musician had to move to another country.

And thenRanger Smith came in, and decided to clean up the mess that the cookies made. (not that he does any moderating <.< >.>)

And Cookiemonster is back in black.

Yes and Akira decided to try and make it his home away from home…. and remains a fail…. OMG CITRUS!

The TRUE rules of TT are the oldgens. we bow to V.

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