Role Play

Seeing how I have been asked to write something here I'll do just that: 'Something'.
Okay, done. You can all applaud now.

-You're still reading?
Well, Roleplay (Writing stories from the perspective of either a narrator or one of the characters) is often confused with Role playing game (RPG, either digitally or with craploads of dull statsheets.)
A few key elemente of Role Play:

Roleplay is, in principle, In-Character, Meaning you aren't talking with the other RPers, you're writing a continuation of what they wrote. This means that you takee the situation the others and your own previous posts have created, and write what your characters do with it, note the 'your' taking control of other peoples characters without their explicit permission is called god-modding, usually this is is replied to with a warning and eventually a ban if you go on doing it.

A VERY basic example of an RP.
-Player A!
Guy 1 walks onto the platform, looks down, and sees the chaos he's been sent to repair. If he'd been given the choise, this would be the point where he would have said 'Nuke 'em and start over.' or 'Screw this' and turned around.
The soldier pointing a gun at him somehow made this option a lot less attractive.
What he did do was this: He looked down again, asked for an office with all the details of the job, and started A: Hoping for a wonder, B: Plotting his escape, and finaly C: Thinking of a way to clear up this utter disaster. None of those looked like they would have much succes.

-Player B!
Guy 2 Gave out a yell as the attack began, with a little bit of luck, they would be able to finaly re-take the spaceport and get a presence back into orbit, until then, there was a constant haze as the sound of one gunshot flowed over seamlessly into the next, taking down the hated [Insertnameofevilalienoccupiershere] by the dozens, slowly making their way to the heart of the insanly large complex from all side, in groups just small enough not to warrant an orbital strike, and just large enough to get a positive kill/casualty ratio.
Then [insertcatastrophe] happend, and it all spiraled out of control for both sides.

In this standard cliché filled example, some poor bastard from alien race whatever is assigned to clean up an invaded spaceport just captured from the other alien race they're at war with, while a group of soldiers eft behind from that race are trying to retake this. If done well, this can become a very good read, if done badly, it can spiral out into a god-mod competition or a series of 'my gun's bigger than yours!' 'Oh yeah? well I've got a new one!'. RPing doesn't have to be competitive or serious, you can also team up with all players to take down an extremely large communaly controlled ennemy.

Everything above this line was written by Aldaris, TTer and admin of an AE RP spin off forum. I was asked to make this by Rabid Parrots, and you guys can do with this whatever you want to, as long as I get the credit (Or blame, I don't care) for starting this off. Have fun with it.

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