The TT Decree

The TT Decree is was an announcement made by Rabid Parrots that was once a sticky and was the oldest TT sticky being the second TT sticky to ever be constructed.

The Original TT Decree (with a few slight modifications from unknown sources)

Skittles and I have written up these terms. This thread shall be bumped profusely by me over and over again until it is locked. Any suggestions for additions or subtractions from this documant are welcome. I will try to keep it updated. The numbers do not signify importance.

Ikari is god. No questions asked. All must obey his commands

0. Never lock V's thread.

0.b. Shameless spamming of the V thread is perfectly acceptable if it is sinking shamefully like a random fail thread. (Quote Pyramids not Permitted.)

0.c Should a quote pyramid develop, all participants will be subject to ridicule by all of TT.

1. Instead of whining and moaning about how TT is full of phail, make a thread of win. If you are incapable of winning, but just like to make hypocritical complaints then GTFO!

2. If you were here first it does not mean you are superior! Grow up! If you want respect and worshipers, then frikkin earn it!

3. Trash Talk has already gone through the shoop da whoop phase. Any shooping or whooping will be seen as a display of epik phailure.

4. If you have under 1k post count, no one gives a damn what you have to say! Special exceptions may be made to this rule if you have extraordinary posting abilities and having over 1k posts does not guarantee that damns will be given.

5. Posting in every thread just to post in every thread does not make you cool. It in fact has the opposite effect.

6. A phase were everyone in the forum hates you is a mandatory part of Trash Talk initiation.

7. Lurking in TT does not make you a TTer!

8. If you feel the need to post a cat macro, please cut your hands off to save someone else the trouble.

9. When political threads are moved to Trash Talk, posting text walls is an effort in futility as no one is going to read them.

10. There is no such thing as an OffGamer! OffGame is TT’s nephew who hasn’t learned how to spam yet and if you think you are better than us because you post in OffGame, you are sadly mistaken…

11. To summon Drake C. Rene one must first make a post about him or Elayne.

12. Just because you think you’re a hardcore flamer doesn’t make you one.


14. If you are a man posing as a woman, pray to God, Buddha, Allah, Cookie Monster, and several other supernatural deities that Alcibiades does not find out about it!

15. If you use the term “alciboobies” you are officially demoted to being the new Gen Core.

16. Musician’s word is law. (also cookie)

17. We all know that Mordor is spelled with a “D” and that although it is not obvious to all, one can in fact just walk into it. There is no need to remind us.

18. Skittles invented honur! If anyone else says Honur it’s just a spelling mistake… <.< >.>

19. Fear Mort above all else, as he is the embodiment of evil! Watch out for his yellow and red squares, which will sneak up on you without a moments notice. You see the green, you die.

20. It is only true win if narf dubs it as such.

tl;dr version: TT is TT. If you do not like it, GTFO!

TT Decree Additions

The Decree has had several rules added to it over the years, but the first batch was lost due to forum fransfer taggotry. An estimated 9,000+ additions were lost. Later, Guitar Man rose to the occasion and saved the TT Decree! He conjured the mighty TT Decree Additions sticky and the rest is history.

Rabid Parrots wrote:
Rule 21)
The rule below is false.
Rule 22)
The rule above is true.
Rule 23)
All rules apply only to middle easterners with snowmobiles. However, every rule aside from none of them applies to you. 2 hour parking. No parking at any time.

Uranium235 wrote:
Batossai wrote:
Rule 24)

No matter what your friends say.. Peanut butter is NOT a good lube.. they're just *beep* with you..

24B) But chunky is.

Batossai wrote:
Rule 25)
Bato live is at 11 PM.. but not usually at EST..

Guitar Man wrote:
Uranium235 wrote:
Rule 26) Writing things backwards is fun.
26B) ¿ʎ11ɐǝɹ ɥo

Guitar Man wrote:
Rule 27)
Insanity Prawn likes to get freaky with EJ, who is 14, and therefore Insanity Prawn shall now be called Insanity Pedo.

Guitar Man wrote:
Rule 28)
We hereby request that you allow us to view your genitalia.

TimNeilson wrote:
Rabid Parrots wrote:
Cowbacca wrote:
Rule 29) Ranger Smith is not Timmeh and anyone who thinks he is should be thrown to The Mule. :paranoid:
29B) he is should also be so stupid that sentences about him is should be dumberer.
29C) what

Rabid Parrots wrote:
Rule 30) Everyone is gay.

Guitar Man wrote:
Uranium235 wrote:
Guitar Man wrote:
Rule 31)
Never attempt to accidentally the whole thing.

31B) if you have and cant believe it, do a barrel roll.

31C) Or die trying.

Guitar Man wrote:
Master Wookie wrote:
Rule 32) Always let the wookie win.

32B) Therefore, you must always make the wookie lose.

Rabid Parrots wrote:

Guitar Man wrote:

Master Wookie wrote:
TimNeilson wrote:
Master Wookie wrote:
Rule 35)
If in doubt, stick it in her pooper.

35B) especially if it's wookie's sister.

35C) Damn you Timmy. Damn you to hell. *shakes fist* :grumpy:

Kenyi wrote:
Rule 36)Any newgens should not be able to post, nor make rules in the TT decree.

Guitar Man wrote:
Rule 37) If you claim to have found any legitimate content in TT, then you must be lying.

Rabid Parrots wrote:
Rule 38) Guild is an guild player in the game is player.

Guitar Man wrote:
Rule 39) Michael J Fox can't post TT Decree additions. Because he has Parkinson's.

TimNeilson wrote:
Rule 40)
Rabid Parrots
Sun 17 Jun, 2007 19:08 - Sun 21 Dec, 2008 23:30
Goodnight Sweet Prince

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