Volunteer Forum

This forum is only accessible by a handful of oldfags from Alpha, moderators, a few people that sucked dick to get in, and an even smaller number of people who actually have some reason to be there. The only reason to be a volunteer is to see firsthand how little Wizard gives a shit about the game. Anything that isn't Wizard's idea gets shot down, and he generally refuses to listen to anyone. Most recently, Wizard posted this gem:

"There is been a while since we don't discuss any updates related to AE, and there is a reason why… In the last months we have been working in a second game, a MMO Space Shooter based in the Astro Empire Universe.

In this game you flight a spaceship and explore the Universe, join mission and gather resources. You can buy new ships, new weapons and equipments.

The project is still in an earlier phase so we cannot share much information at the moment. But as soon we start to have something more concrete to show, we will need your help to bring new ideas and to test the game.

With this has been difficult to add new features to Astro Empires at this phase with the ongoing work on the other game."

You heard it right, folks. Wizard officially doesn't give a shit about AE.

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